It Ain’t Rocket Science

Well my day didn’t actually go quite as planned. For one, I didn’t walk the dog as he decided to join my mother on a jaunt.

And for two I had Haggis and Mash for my dinner.

I don’t tend to walk on my own though which is odd. I think I may view it as a task. Perhaps with me being so big, it possibly is. I prefer to have a reason to walk and that reason generally is the dog needs a walk, not me. It’s a completely stupid way of thinking and I know this because when I see people going for a walk and they don’t have a dog with them, I think to myself, what a waste of a good walk.

I really therefore must change my thought process and definitely try to become more active. Let’s face it, if I am going to sit and eat Haggis and Mash, then I really do need to get moving a bit more than I am, in order to chase away the pre-surgery fats from body.

Again, I tell myself it’s not rocket science, it is a simple fact of putting in less than I burn off and if I am active, well I can eat a bit more, but then that is going against the point, it seems like wasted calories to me.


Why do I find it so hard then?

As I sit here and type, I want to eat but I know I shouldn’t. I want to get active but I find it very difficult to motivate myself, yet surely my life should be the motivation? Maybe this is why some folk are labelled lazy, I’m sure thats what some folks think of me, but I don’t feel it myself. I am as active as I can be, maybe far more active than I should be. I know I always push myself whenever I am active and then ruin myself for the next few days, so with that in mind, is it time for a change of mindset? I am too young to just go gently into that good night so there is only one thing for it. Change has to come. So I must be a bit more gentle with myself and try to move everyday even though I feel like I have not achieved anything when I walk gently or exercise gently, but in the long-term over the week, it should be more beneficial to me rather than one great big burn out that leaves me broken for a few days and therefore immobile and housebound.

As many of you are aware, I am due in the hospital on Friday for a weigh in and a chat with the dietician. I am fairly certain it will go along the lines of I haven’t lost that bit of weight I was hoping to, although I have lost some of it, and we will make an appointment for the following month. I shall however take her task and discuss the Horizon program with her and get her thoughts on the Constant Craver diagnosis. I know I keep harping on about being a Constant Craver, but I am still reeling from the shock of identifying so fully how I feel about food. Anyway, I shall ask if the dietician has any helpful ideas and see where we end up in this on going cycle.

Today however, I shall only consume the 800 calories as recommended by the Horizon diet professors. This means I shall be absolutely dying for something to eat all day. With that in mind, I reckon it would be wise to think of an activity I could get my self doing and I think a walk would probably be the best thing. If I move slowly and carefully, watch out for my back and my knees, I should be able to make a couple of hours disappear. Plus I have a new exercise from ‘My Fitness Pal’. I say it’s a new exercise, It isn’t new like a scientist would say new, It’s something we have been doing for millions of years. Squatting, as in just about to sit down but standing just as you bum touches the seat, again, not rocket science.

So thats my day mapped out then isn’t it. Write my blog, drink my cups of tea, eat fresh air until this evening, walk for a fair but good distance and finally do some squats. Not particularly action packed but I suppose that is good because I find it difficult to concentrate on more than a couple of things without becoming overwhelmed, at which point I become completely useless. Quite weird really because years ago, I used to have to juggle an absolute ton of things in my mind and still cope with life in general, or maybe not as it turned out….

Anyway, I will be leaving for my walk shorty and have thought of an actual reason for the walking so I don’t feel like it is a waste. Terrible but true, so I shall walk to a friend’s house and learn about something called Ezines. These are publications that you write and publish in an attempt to get traffic back to your own website or blog thus making it easier for people to find when they Google your subject matter. I’ve already tried to work it out myself but failed, so let’s see how I get on after some tuition, perhaps this is rocket science….

It turns out today will be busy after all and that is all the better as if I am sat doing nothing, I only do one thing,

I think about food.

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge

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