I Just Have A Slow Metabolism…

So it’s not my fault, I’m just big-boned, I simply have a slow metabolism, I eat like a bird.

All of these throw away statements have at one point or another left my lips.

The only one that may be true is that I am quite big-boned, as in naturally muscular, very broad and thickset.

Whilst watching the Horizon program, I was surprised to see that although I am a big guy, I was significantly smaller around my fat parts than some people who actually weighed less than I did. Obviously weight distribution is different in us all but I know myself, there is barely a pick of fat on my upper body or my legs, the weight I carry, gets well and truly plastered around my midriff. This means that when I see somebody with a larger tum than I, I am surprised to find out that they are at least two stone lighter than me. I can therefore only assume that I have greater muscle mass than most other people and we all know that muscle is heavier than fat. Don’t we?

From watching this show, I know that my body produces the Leptin gut hormone that says I am full, it just doesn’t last very long before I’m back out in the kitchen wondering what I can eat next. I also know that if something upsets me, I don’t readily use food as a crutch, although I have been known to catch myself thinking about ordering a Pizza if I have had a bad day, but I put that down to the type of bad day that has affected my diet in someway already. Say I have caved in and bought some rubbish whilst out and about. Maybe I’ve gone to buy a sandwich and ended up choosing the worst of the worst sandwich, a fully leaded drink, a bag of crisps, a savoury treat of some description (usually a slice or a sausage roll) and a Mars Bar. Well that there is my diet right off the rails, shot to hell, no point in going on with it, may as well get home and order a pizza.

Catastrophic thinking has taken hold. There is no point in any of it. So I sabotage myself and have no control when it’s happening. I seem to be able to diet for a couple of weeks before I start to let my concentration slip. It generally comes from appearing to miss all of these bad foods but it turns out that once again, the brain is playing tricks on me. It’s signals are getting mixed up and it is saying to my body, come on, we haven’t had any fatty calorific food for a while so we must be running out, even though this couldn’t be further from the truth. But the body wants what the body wants even if it is bad for the body and lets face it, when the body is run by the brain and the brain is in agreement, well what kind of hope do you have tackling that?


So you try to carry on with the diet but as time goes by, you lose less and less weight though you are still doing the same amount of exercise and eating the same calorie controlled meals with no (or little, let’s be honest) cheating in between. Well this is all to do with the fact that your metabolism is actually changing and you are needing fewer calories to keep your body going as you slim down and become fitter and more active. This is relevant to your resting rate, i.e the calories you consume when your body is just ticking over. So this proves, the fitter you are and the slimmer you are, the slower your metabolic rate is because you do not need as many calories to run your body at rest.

Active metabolic rates are obviously different and work differently between body types. A small very fit person would have a faster AMR as they would burn up a tremendous amount of calories by engaging in their exercise at a higher and harder rate than a large person like myself would burn. This is due to the fact I would not be able to sustain the physical exertion the smaller fitter person could and thus would not burn the same amount of calories.

Therefore, this kind of poo poo’s the slow metabolism excuse as generally, a larger person has a higher rate when resting and therefore needs more fuel to run his body when doing nothing. Simple mathematics would therefore dictate that if I required 2000 calories per day to keep my body at its current size whilst I was completely sedentary, all I need do to lose weight is eat 1950 calories per day and over a long period of time, the weight would slowly come off.

Why after watching this program am I having so many lightbulb moments?

I am not a stupid person, although in some respects I think I must be, to not have actually clicked with some pf the statements made in the show and subsequently posted in my blog. All I need do to lose weight is eat under my RMR calorie level and do some small amount of exercise, it really is that simple.

Now I know this blog is about my experiences leading up to the big day when I finally have the Bariatric Surgery and not a science book so I apologise if this is what todays episode may have felt like, but the stuff a relatively clever middle-aged man has learnt in the past 24 hours is stuff that I should have known all along. I probably did but the penny never dropped, it just stayed stuck in the slot as I pulled the lever on life’s slot machine and wondered why it never really worked. Now I’m not saying that it will be plain sailing from here, obviously I have the added factor that I want to eat every 20 minutes, but I reckon if I increase my walking, do the stairs a few more times a day, thinks will start to look a bit easier.

I just hope my knee feels the same way

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge…..

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