All That Sweet Sticky Food And The Toffee’s I Chewed

I am powerless over sugary and fatty foods but it turns out I am not alone.

I can manage not having them for a couple of weeks, being good and eating healthy choosing fruit over sweet sugary pastries and biscuits, choosing hearty vegetable soups over a plate of chicken fried steak (although I have absolutely no idea what that is, it does sound good to me) is a constant battle of what can only be described in my own mind, as a battle between good and evil.

Each time I go to the cupboard, I am looking for an easy please me hit. I have (as you may have guessed) just finished watching the Which Diet Is Right For You from BBC2 and even though I know my way round a diet, I still learnt a great deal.

One guy on the show said he couldn’t sit down to eat three big meals a day, that would be too much for him, BUT paradoxically he could graze all day and take in a massive amount of calories by having something like a sausage roll, a pasty, a bar of chocolate, a bag of crisps every 30 minutes or so and do that literally all day between ordinary sized meals that would not usually be associated with someone quite so large. As he was making the statement, a lightbulb moment was had. Incredible I thought, that is exactly how I am. I can sit and have a relatively sensible small breakfast, an ordinary lunch and a healthy dinner but its in between when I feel the need to graze like my life depends on it.


Do you go to the refrigerator, open the door and stare aimlessly into it even though you may have done it five times already that day?

Well, it turns out, it may not be completely your fault, as it’s the brain telling you to look and see if there is anything that it may want you to eat at that moment. Obviously nothing changes in the fridge, but things change in the brain and each time you look, the brain is searching for something that will switch off the ‘hunger hormone’ Ghrelin and promote the ‘full up hormone’ Leptin so that the body knows it is sated and is no longer searching for food to increase the fat stores.

The way I see it is in its most basic of terms, it is literally the body and brain working against each other with the body taking in the calories and sending the signals to the brain, however these signals do not appear to switch off correctly even if the stomach has sent signals to tell it that it’s full. The stomach has the ability to increase in size and when eating bulky foods and filling up, the stomach linings network of nerves will send signals to the brain alongside the Leptin hormones being produced. This obviously works for a while, but it doesn’t last very long before I am thinking about eating again even though I am not actually hungry, I just have a gene that drives me to eat.

Now being good as you guys know is hard enough when you are at home, but it becomes almost impossible when you are out and about and driving past take aways, going for petrol where they serve coffee and hot savouries, where they have doughnut stands. I know it sounds like a blame game but is it any wonder the country is getting bigger? I mean back when I was growing up, as I said previously, I wasn’t fat but then there was nothing around to eat and a take away was a treat as they were still viewed as exotic. As time has rolled on every second shop is a Pizza, a Kebab, Fish and Chips, Chinese Takeaway, in fact there is a street in the town where I live and I think it’s possibly the worst place in town for temptation. For one, you can park on it which is deadly, two, there is a ‘Quickiemart’ at the start of it, followed by a cafe then a fried chicken shop then a chip shop then a butchers that sells bacon rolls, then a pizza shop then a Chinese take away then at the end of the street is a pub, that sells food as well. Now believe it or not, this street is barely 100 yards long so the temptation that comes from it is constant. Imagine, you could start at one end, eat something and by the time you were halfway along, you could be hungry enough again to visit another shop.


There is one saving grace however, in the middle of it is a health food shop, just in case you may feel guilty.

So I would say there are many different reasons to my body size and although I do take responsibility, let’s face it, I allowed it to get this big, I also have a scientifically proven predisposition to want to eat more than I should and I am well and truly over catered for wherever I go.

I think I partly trained myself to eat between meals and graze all day long when I started in the motor trade. I never allowed myself a lunch hour to stop and eat, I just ate on the hop and so never filled up from one sitting. I would graze all day taking goodies from my desk drawer until they were gone, yet never feeling sated.

Mind you, I did sell a LOT of cars 😉

Now I can’t blame the world, but I think the truth is now starting to filter down and it doesn’t look like it’s ALL my fault after all.

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge…..

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