Harder Than It Looks

I was seriously wondering what I should write about today and was putting off getting to it but a tweet from the Twitter to tell me that @philgayle was now following ME on the Twitter appears to have put some fuel in the tank and gotten me started up on this chilly morning.

Constant Craving is how I left yesterdays post. That’s apparently what I am, according to Horizon and I have no need to doubt them what so ever.

I just wish I didn’t have the ear worm to go with it!

I really like the song Constant Craving by K.D Lang (among others it has to be said) but why oh why, did I have to so easily slip into the soundtrack to my dietary diagnosis! It has been going around and around my head since I woke this morning.

Oh well, it could be worse, it could have been Aga Doo.

Anyway, so we reach the second day of the blog and I wonder will I be able to write everyday. I hope that my answer is yes but, I’m getting that difficult second album feeling and wonder if this post will be met with critical acclaim (although, I don’t think the first one was even met, acclaim critical or not) or will it see the demise of my writing style and a journey into self-doubt and annihilation….


As I explained yesterday, a constant craver is someone who thinks about food pretty much all of the time and it takes a great deal of will power to stop doing so. The horizon program recommended an intermittent fasting diet, where you fast for two days at a maximum of 800 hundred calories and then the next five days are taken at a more leisurely pace where you eat normally. Unfortunately for someone like me it doesn’t mean Mars Bars, crisps and chips etc, it means being sensible and following a low-fat low-calorie diet but not worrying if I want to eat an extra apple or a larger portion of Chicken Breast and Quinoa. Or at least that’s how I am choosing to see it.

I will start my first semi fast on Monday through to Tuesday but will this weekend remain strong and not eat any rubbish, just things that look healthy on the surface but are full of sugar and salt….

Thats what really happens isn’t it? We go to the supermarket and look for the healthy looking box of biscuits as opposed to the chocolate digestives yet in reality, there probably isn’t much between them. Still it makes us feel better I suppose.

This means this weekend I shall be finding out how many calories are in a Granny Smiths apple, an egg, an oatcake biscuit (loads which was a shock) and many other nibbles. I shall also make the mediterranean chilli chicken breast and some boil in the bag Quinoa. Both exciting, low-calorie, low-fat and tasty ingredients, especially once I have added the Piri Piri and the chopped pickled chilli peppers, jalapeño peppers, capers, cornichons etc to give it all some flavour and a bit of bite. I have been making this dish for a few weeks now and still can’t believe how tasty it is with so few calories in it. Even my mother enjoyed it, once she had picked out all of the hot pieces that is!

So today plans to be a day of action. I shall walk the dog and I shall eat well. I shall also see about a way of getting this blog further up the ratings. All things to keep my mind off of food and the lure of the pub, it is the weekend after all folks.

Yesterday I purchased something called a Blue Ice Snowball. It sounds delicious doesn’t it? Actually it’s a microphone that simply looks like a snowball. Quite cool but very definitely inedible. Why did I purchase? Well after speaking to David Leafe (a journalist) I was recommended to look at the option of a weekly podcast where I discuss how things have gone and my experiences of the previous week, kind of like a news bulletin for the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet. This is going to take some learning for sure as the microphone set up itself looks complicated enough never mind trying to work out how to podcast.

Also, along the way, there will be a video channel set up on You Tube where again, I shall talk about the week gone by, except this time it will be to camera. This is something to learn and look forward to and another way of using my Snowball microphone. Remember folks, it’s about me keeping busy after I’ve bared what little soul I have on here. I am hopeful of getting a following to a certain degree but am happy just knowing that getting this stuff down is very cathartic in itself, now if I could just get more people to read it….

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge….

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