Surgical Weight Loss – A Boy’s Own Adventure Story

That’s if it’s Billy Bunter’s Boy’s Own.

Anyway, I hope that in this blog, feckless musings, complete rambling mess of words, I am able to relay to you my experiences of the past 12 and coming 18 months, in such a way that you the reader find it both enjoyable (see funny) and insightful (see clever).

I shall try to share with you the weight related experiences I have had (both good and bad) since life started all those years ago and during this time would hope that you get a sense of the person that I am, whether that be the fat person trying to survive or the thin person trying to get out.

We start the blog with my previous 12 – 18 months in a kind of pre blog blog, below are thumbnails of the actual artwork attributed to each story, simply click on the thumbnail and transported back to a time where all of this wasn’t even the merest whiff on an idea….

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A Morris Ambulance, Yesterday

Ambulance For A Fridge Magnet

This story will start amid the furore of time travel. I shall take you back to the beginning of the Bariatric experience. Straight to that first really rather crawling, grovelling email I sent to Oxford Bariatric Clinic…. Read more in I’m Fairly Sure My Leg Shouldn’t Look Like That



A Window On The Word

The View Wasn’t Too Bad

So I left you on a real cliffhanger as I was just about to be delivered to the emergency trauma ward. Well not really, it was all very tame and sedate, I told you that Orimorph was involved didn’t I… Read more in A Window On The World


A Jousting Knight, Yesterday

A Jousting Knight, Yesterday

So, I was home. Everything on one level, everything close to hand. Just as well really. A 25 stone man on crutches with one useable leg is … Read more in And A Jousting `we Will Go…Ow!


Back To The Future, Yesterday.

Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads

So here I am, sitting at my desk in my office, okay, I know it’s really a spare room but, only the dog sleeps in there so, I’ll call it the office because that makes me sound very important because I have an office at… Read more in Back To The Future


A Dream Sign, Yesterday

And I came over all dreamy like…

So I had opened myself up to the possibilities of Bariatric Surgery and how it could possibly improve my life. I think it was fairly obvious that it was now time to take this further. At this point, I had been to a general ‘open day’ with… Read more in Tell Me About Your Dreams


Gastroscopy, Yesterday

Open Wide

So time was now moving apace and I was still heading in the right direction. Towards the Gastric Sleeve. Christmas had come and gone and I had been told that m… Read more in No You’ll be Fine Open Wide


Auntie, You Know, The One From The Beeb

Auntie, You Know, The One From The Beeb.

Fame! I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly! Actually, to be honest, I was much calmer than that by the end of the day, but when it all started, I was all over the place… Read more in The Day That Auntie Came To Visit